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Image - There’s a lot to children publishing!

There’s a lot to children publishing!

It is a known fact that the buy phentermine online Indian book market is the sixth-largest in the world and the best site find cialis on internet second-largest in term of English language books. The children book publishing segment in India is perhaps growing fastest at a rate of 15-20 percent annually. And this does not include just school


Kids & Teens

Image - Licensed publishing: the road ahead!

Licensed publishing: the road ahead!

Imagine a four-year-old child browsing through children's books in a bookstore. What probably catches his/her attention is a book with his/her favourite character like Barbie, Mickey Mouse, Ben 10, Superman, Dory, etc. That’s the power of the licensed product! Publishers have seen a huge opportunity in this segment and have


Publishing News [National]



Afghanistan, Pakistan, India: A Paradigm Shift, authored by Afghan ambassador to India, Shaida Mohammad Abdali, published by Pentagon Press was recently launched in New Delhi. At the launch function, Shivshankar Menon, former National Security Adviser, mentioned that only strong, viable and visible Afghan-India relations could help improve India’s relations with


Publishing News [Global]

Image - World’s largest prize for English novel goes to Akhil Sharma

World’s largest prize for English novel goes to Akhil Sharma

Akhil Sharma, an India-born American author, has won the cialis endurance 2016 International DUBLIN Literary Award for his novel Family Life. Organised and sponsored by Dublin City Council, with the prize money of doxycycline here €100,000, it is the world’s largest prize for a single novel published in English. What’s more? The award receives


Book Reviews

Image - Surya: The God and His Abode

Surya: The God and His Abode

Author: Ranjan Kumar Singh Publisher: Parijat, Patna (Pp 119, ISBN: 8190356178, Rs 1,800)Everybody knows the famous Konark temple, which many believe to be the only sun temple in India. The reality is there are more than hundred of sun temples dotted across the country—right from Surya Pahar in Assam up





Ananth Padmanabhan, CEO, HarperCollins Publishers India Ananth Padmanabhan is CEO of HarperCollins Publishers India. He has over 20 years of publishing experience, and prior to this role was Senior Vice President at Penguin Random House. A. Get to know me Who am I? I am curious about everything. I constantly


Face to Face

Image - “Differentiation is the key  to grow in this competitive market”

“Differentiation is the key to grow in this competitive market”

Says Sriram Subramanya, managing director & CEO, Integra Software Services Pvt. Ltd, Pondicherry, in conversation with All About Book Publishing. Integra Software Services Pvt Ltd is one of the leading digital content services company providing content enrichment and transformation services to publishers. Founded 23 years ago, Integra is truly an



Image - NBT, India: promoting books and authors!

NBT, India: promoting books and authors!

The National Book Trust, India is striving to encourage reading habits and book culture in India. They are also helping young debutant authors to get published. Here, Baldeo Bhai Sharma, chairman, National Book Trust, India, shares more about the various activities undertaken by NBT, India, in conversation with Varsha Verma.


Group Publications

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