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DK School Quiz 2017

The 4th edition of the DK School Quiz, in association with Quizcraft Global and Eureka Bookstore, was recently held in New Delhi. Designed to educate and evaluate students from classes 7–9, the DK Quiz offers an opportunity to go beyond textbooks.

Instead of asking schools to handpick teams, the Quiz teams conducted preliminary rounds involving all children in the participating schools, thereby bringing more students into the fold. The intra-school series, which started on 3rd July, covered 45 schools this year and involved 8,374 students.

At the Grand Finale, DK volunteers explained the intricacies of the 3-D printer, and behind-the-scenes work of the new 3-D Printing book to participants. In addition, the Local Publishing team promoted the upcoming Birds About Delhi title. Of the 43 schools that participated, and the wildcard entry from the winner of the Online Quiz, 6 teams were selected to go on through to the stage finals. Siddh Mamtani and Kartik Singh from Gyan Bharti School emerged triumphant, followed by Ankit Sharma and Arnav Negi from Delhi Public School, Noida.

The second Runners up position went to Saarthak Chhabra and Shreyansh Bawari from DAV Public School, Gurugram.

DK Delhi and online viagra prescriptions Street Art

To commemorate it’s 10th year in Delhi, Bookaroo came up with the idea of creating children’s books-based murals on 10 walls around Delhi. DK’s team of designers and editors created an eye-catching mural called Ek Duniya Kalpana Ki. DK books cover every subject and inspire curiosity about the world around us and the tenor of this painting conveys this adeptly. This mural is curated at Sarojini Nagar Public Library, a solid foundation to shape young minds.

Scholastic, the global children’s publishing, education and media company, released its annual predictions of top trends and themes in children’s books for 2018. Curated by Scholastic Book Clubs editors, this list aims to help families discover new books to add to their home libraries, as well as showcase what kids will want in books when reading for fun. Top Trends in Children’s Books for 2018 by Scholastic Book Club Editors:

1. More books will celebrate strong female characters: Research from the Kids & Family Reading Report: 6th Edition shows that children look for characters that are “smart, brave or strong” when reading a book for fun. Expect to see new fiction titles that will feature strong, female protagonists as role models for both girls and boys. In addition, many new nonfiction titles will explore stories about notable women that made history, as well current changemakers that continue to advance social progress.

2. The demand for kid-friendly nonfiction will continue to grow: Civics and buy levitra now media literacy education will become a major emphasis in classroom lesson plans. Classroom resources such as Scholastic Classroom Magazines and the new We the People website will help kids make sense of the world with age-appropriate news covering current events. To make the home-to-school connection, families will work with educators to select nonfiction titles that help educate and engage children. Many new nonfiction children’s books will place the reader in a time, place or situation through the protagonist’s eyes across various topics – ranging from climate change to World War II – to help a child understand complex topics.

3. Iconic series and characters return with new stories: This past year, films and television series reimagined comic book and literary characters for a new generation. This trend continues in children’s books as readers revisit memorable characters from beloved book series, such as The Boxcar Children, The Magic School Bus and Jigsaw Jones, with new stories, but with a special twist as these worlds expand with new characters and unexpected situations.

4. Literary magical creatures will take children to new worlds: Research from the Kids & Family Reading Report shows that many children (31%) look for stories that “explore places and worlds I’ve never been” when reading a book for fun. Unicorns, mermaids and dragons will lead the way this year with engaging storytelling that explores the beauty of being unique and staying true to oneself. These stories come with a healthy dose of humor – the number one thing kids look for when reading a book for fun. Expect to see a reemergence of local lore and world mythology to take children on an imaginative, literary adventure.

5. Books featuring hands-on activities will engage children of all ages and interests: The call to educate children about STEM-related activities grows as more book titles will feature special coding activities, scientific experiments, and more. Many books will be paired with popular characters and franchises to attract more readers to the world of STEM.

“Scholastic Book Club editors have unique insight into the trends surfacing in children’s literature through their dedicated effort to feature a wide range of choice all year long in our monthly, in-classroom flyers. Their expertise helps more children find just the right book at the right time to encourage a love for independent reading,” said Judy Newman, president of Scholastic Book Clubs. “As we predicted last year, kids gravitated toward books that made them laugh – as seen with Dog Man, which as has appeared for more than 52 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list to date and was also one of our most popular titles in Book Clubs. We look forward to seeing how our predictions will play out in 2018 as more families take time to read aloud together – and laugh together – and work closely with their child’s educators to build a home-to-literacy connection through books.”

Bookaroo celebrates 10th birthday!

Bookaroo, India’s first children’s literature festival, celebrated its 10th birthday on November 25-26 at Children’s Park (near India Gate), New Delhi. The celebrations started early with 10 walls around the city being painted with illustrations from children’s books. At the litfest, children could meet over 50 award-winning writers, illustrators, poets and storytellers, including 18 from outside India.

AART to launch Purple Turtle cloth books

AART Store has announced that it will launch Purple Turtle cloth books under a license agreement with Aadarsh Pvt Ltd. a publishing edutainment and media company.

Purple Turtle is a preschool and early learning brand of Aadarsh imprinted on its education and entertainment materials. With books sold in 30+ countries including UK, China and Russia, games, apps and YouTube videos, Purple Turtle has successfully been used to engage young audience all over the world.

AART is a premier manufacturer and distributor of personalised gifts, custom décor and fabric books for children. “Purple Turtle stories guide, stimulate and support young minds, setting the foundation for literacy. With AART’s quality materials and Purple’s delightful stories, the cloth books will create a high-quality learning experience for the infants and toddlers. This deal will help Purple Turtle the brand achieve an increased exposure in the market.” said Manish Rajoria, director, Aadarsh Pvt Ltd.

Purple Turtle cloth books will be available on Amazon, Flipkart and other online

says Paro Anand who has always been a frontrunner in beautifully expressing and tackling complex issues related to children and young adults through her books. Here, in conversation with Varsha Verma, she shares more about her love for writing and her journey as an author. Excerpts. Journey so far…

Pic courtesy: Asha KochcharEver-smiling and always humble, Paro Anand shares, “I don't know how established I have been over the years, and not even sure when this really happened. The journey has been a roller coaster. I have struggled, strived and pushed as hard as I could. It began one very rainy day when I took a manuscript of several play scripts, door to door, down Ansari Road. I was soaked in the rain as I had wrapped my precious pages in my raincoat. Most of the time, I was turned away right at the gate by the guard. I must have gone to 17-18 publishers that day.

Finally, one said that they were interested in the concept of the playscripts, but wanted me to re-write everything. So I did and ended up with a bad back. But the book didn't even get published as the editor who had told me to write these, left her job and that was that. Eventually, it got published as my 7th book. And I have to say, it wasn't very good.”

But Paro is happy to be where she is now. “Now, I am so fortunate to have publishers wooing me to give them my work. How lucky could I get in one lifetime! The other day, I was sitting in my verandah with my morning tea, my lovely doggies by my side, my Sahitya Akademi award under my belt and I suddenly had the feeling that I had reached. This was it… everything I had worked towards – professionally, personally, economically – I had achieved. It was such a sense of 'phew,' I had worked to get here, and now I was here. Everything from here on is just the cherry on the icing of the cake,” she laughs.

Writing not just a hobby…

So did Paro always wanted to be a writer? “I had thought I wanted to be a drama teacher, but then I started writing plays and knew I loved it. I had always been a great liar. It was when, at a dinner, someone asked me what I did and I said I was a writer and the person said, “Oh that's such a nice hobby.” I was somewhat stung and said, "It's not a hobby, it's my profession" and that's when I started treating it as such,” she replies.

Hardest part of writing a book…

Though it seems hard to believe that established authors would also have some writing issues, but it is true. As Paro puts it, “Getting started is most difficult, and then comes the discipline. Once I am in 'the zone,' it goes along. But writing is something that can so easily be shoved to the back burner. Everything else seems more important and urgent, but you have to just set that time and do it. Even when I don't have something specific to write, I write.”

Writing for children: any guidelines?

“I try and shed every single taboo when writing for young readers, whether it is a book on body image for the very young, or the impact of rape and violence for teens. I respect my readers by giving them my truth. My only beacon light is that I try to end the story on an upswing, with a ray of light at the end of a dark tunnel. It doesn't have to be a happily ever after, tied up in pink bows, but just that I try not to end on a note of despair. Since teenage is a hard, dark time, I don't want them to be left with no hope,” shares Paro.

Characters: inspired from life or fictitious?

“Well, there is always a bit of both... shreds of people who I have come across show up in the oddest places in my stories. But I am not writing biographies, I am writing reality fiction, so the characters are not 'real' in that sense, though the situations and they themselves may be rooted in reality,” she tells. Advice to

aspiring writers…

As an advice to aspiring writers, Paro sums it just right, “Fellow writer, Uma Krishnaswami said something that has stuck with me years later. She had a secret formula for writers – BIC – which stands for Bottom in Chair. Simply put your bottom on a chair and write but don't set out writing for 16 hours and a 100 page book, stake it in bite sized pieces. Writing in the first flow is the fun part. It's the re-writing that is the work. But, re-work and re-write to make the best possible book. And then, once you feel ready, make a neat, error free submission. I have had really sloppy presentations made to me when I was a commissioning editor. And honestly, the feeling I always had was that if the writer didn't respect her own work, how could I?”

Book that influenced your life…

“Born Free by Joy Adams for inspiring me, Watership Down for making me see the animal kingdom in a completely different light, The True Adventures of Prince Teentang by Kalpana Swaminathan for making me laugh and Harry Potter and JK Rowling for showing me and the rest of the world that it was fine to break every rule that the industry pundits had set,” she says.

Tips for inculcating reading habits…

“As a child, I wasn't a great reader, it was when I found Born Free that it clicked. It was just a matter of finding the right fit for me. So I would say, try different books, don't hesitate to drop a book if you don't like it. Carry a book in your car when there isn't much more to do,” she advises.

On a lighter note…

On asking about her likes and dislikes, Paro replies, “I don't consider writing as work. It’s the thing that I go to if I am feeling off centre. I just love it. Other than that, I love to swim, play with my dogs, work out with my trainer, which would all make me a super fit, super slim person, but, sadly I also love food a lot and I am married into a family of awesome cooks!”

“I am secretly addicted to spider solitaire. I have to play it before I sleep because it blocks out everything else that happened in the day. I am also a huge fan of a singer songwriter, Keith Urban whose lyrics just really speak to me,” she concludes.

Paro Anand is one of the leading authors for children and young adults. She also works with children in schools and NGOs, through her programme Literature in Action and holds a world record for helping over three thousand children make the world’s longest newspaper. She has been awarded for her contribution to children’s literature by The Russian Centre for Science and Culture. No Guns at my Son’s Funeral, opened to rave reviews, was on the International Board on Books for Young People Honour List, has been translated into German and French, and is being adapted for cinema. The Little Bird who held the Sky up with his Feet was on the 1001 Books to Read before You Grow Up, an international gold standard of the world’s best books ever. She has published her 26th book this year, a graphic novel called '2' published by Scholastic and there is another ready to go called A Very Naughty Bear with Scholastic and two more in the pipeline - a collection of short stories called The Other and a novel called Nomad's Land.

First of the Children First Books published!

In November 2016, Parag, an initiative of Tata Trusts, Vidyasagar School Chennai and Duckbill Books, ran a contest for writers to write books featuring children with special needs. There was felt to be a need for more such books because while inclusive education and inclusion is a concept that very few argue with, what actually happens on the ground is a different matter. There has to be awareness and a change of attitude if we are to accept differences. The idea behind Children First, therefore, was to publish books which treat children with special needs as children first—with all the hopes, fears, mischief and fun that comes with being children.

The four winning books include Lavanya Karthik’s Neel on Wheels (picture book), R.K. Biswas’s Vibhuti Cat (illustrated book), Harshikaa Udasi’s Kittu’s Terrible Horrible No Good Very Mad Day (chapter book) and Shruthi Rao’s Manya Learns to Roar (chapter book).

“Hundreds of new titles are published each year for children in India, but only a handful of children's books feature a differently-abled character in the story. And books which realistically portray disability are rare,” says Swaha Sahoo, who heads the Parag initiative at Tata Trusts. "Parag aims to make literature a part of every childhood. Unless we have books that register the presence of the differently-abled around us in a sensitive but unexceptional manner, we will not realise the values of inclusiveness in children's books. "What is special about the Children's First series is their representation of children with disability. The protagonists in the books are not overly heroic. They are children with regular likes, dislikes, fears and dreams. They are characters that children can easily identify with.”

“These books are a fulfilment of a long-held dream for us,” say Anushka Ravishankar and Sayoni Basu of Duckbill. “We have long felt the need for books about kids with special needs. While we have previously published a couple—Simply Nanju by Zainab Sulaiman and Unbroken by Nandhika Nambi—we feel there need to be many more for children of all ages.”

Dreamland to launch 150 new titles @ Frankfurt Book Fair

Dreamland Publications is a name among the prestigious publishing houses that publish a lot of wonderful books for children. They aim to educate as much as to entertain. The books published by them are well-loved by children and parents alike. From the brilliant picture books, the lovable story-books to creative activity books they have something to suit every age or inclination. On the occasion of Frankfurt Book Fair, they are releasing more than 150 new titles and below are some of the distinguished series:

How My Body Works

The Human Body’ is a fascinating topic. All our body systems are vital. It is essential and necessary for everyone to know about the body and the organs and how they function so that one can understand about illness and diseases and how it affects the various organs.

How My Body Works – a series of 25 books is an incredible series that endeavours to reveal how all the functions of the body, such as digestion, respiration, reproduction, movement and sensitivity take place.

Each book deals with a separate topic and uses clear easy-to-understand pictures and text-matter to explain all the processes that keep our bodies alive. Find out everything you ever wanted to know about your body as each book takes through a new body system and includes amazing facts. This series is a perfect for an inquisitive mind who is keen to know more about the human body and an excellent reference for each science student.

Famous Stories From Bible

A series of 12 books and a collection of stories from the Old Testament and New Testament are retold in simple, easyto- read text with breathtaking vibrant illustrations on every page that make it a perfect series to introduce young children to the stories and characters of the Bible.

Etiquette for Children

Good manners and etiquette are important for children of every age.

Learning good manners and etiquette can help you to convey respect to people with whom you interact with. People having good etiquette and manners practice basic courtesy, speak politely, hold doors open for elder people, behave well at public places, drive courteously, greet people and never use harsh words and hurt others.

Etiquette for Children, a series of 4 books is an essential series of four books that cover good manners at home, at school, in public transport, on vacations, on special occasions and more. Each topic is defined through charming illustrations support by easy-to-understand text.

Meet them at Frankfurt Book Fair at Stand D-69 Hall 6.1

MBD Group celebrates its 7th Founder’s Day

MBD Group, the leading education company in India with large diversified operations in hospitality and retail developments observed its 7th Founder’s Day on 10th July 2017 in New Delhi amid much fanfare. The event also marked the 72nd birth anniversary of the founder of The MBD Group, Ashok Kumar Malhotra.

Founder’s Day is the most awaited event for every member of MBD family. As part of celebrations to commemorate his legacy, a book encapsulating the persona and beliefs of the founder, aptly titled “Our Founder Says” was launched on the occasion. The book reflects the vision and guiding principles that led to the creation and grand success of the MBD group, not only in the field of education but also in hospitality, retail developments and much more.

Since recognitions are more like a motivating force for the MBDians to shine, there were felicitations of best performers that encourage them to scale greater heights with their determination and hard work. To make a contribution to the children education of their employees, select scholarships were offered by MBD Group. Moreover, the celebration provided a great platform to the team members to showcase the spirit of MBD Group. MBDians from the different verticals exhibited various inspiring acts as well as dance performances. MBD Group has thrived over six decades of its existence and has always stayed true to its core value of providing education to all with its mission “for every literate person there should be an MBD Book.”

On this occasion, Satish Bala Malhotra, chairperson, MBD Group said, “The success of MBD Group can be attributed to the undying spirit of hard-work and innovation of our Founder. He believed in ‘Education for all’ and that is what propelled him to work for the upliftment, well-being and betterment of the masses. He believed that every human being is endowed with the potential to excel and encouraged every member of his team to be brilliant.”

HarperCollins Children ties up with Wattpad for YA Titles

HarperCollins Children’s Books has collaborated with Wattpad, the global multiplatform entertainment company and community for writers, in an effort to cultivate new voices in teen fiction. As part of this partnership, Wattpad work closely with HaperCollins executive editor Sara Sargent to select teen stories already shared on the platform and bring them to market via traditional publishing. HarperCollins expects to publish several books based on Wattpad stories within the first year. With over 375 million original story uploads, Wattpad is home to fresh voices and content that can’t be found anywhere else.