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Delhi Book Store, popularly known as DBS, is India’s leading provider of academic books from across the globe to library suppliers, academicians, researchers & students. Their commitment to customers is second to none, which is why they remain the most trusted partner to deliver the largest range of books. As a large independent distributor, Delhi Book Store (DBS) is almost unique in India. DBS’s company ethos is to be as flexible, reliable, and proactive in their relationships with publishing clients, and to be highly customer-oriented and improved propecia prescriptions professional in their dealings with customers. And since they work alongside publishers and customers from all four corners of the world, nothing could be more important!

DBS: the timeline

The saga of DBS started in 1947, when Jeewan Kumar Ahuja, a young man then, decided to move his family from Dera Ghazi Khan to Delhi. To support himself and his family, Jeewan started a small business, selling medical books on foot or on a bicycle, to young medical students. Soon, the growing sales figure prompted him to think of expanding his business and he opened a small shop in the busiest by-lane in Old Delhi, at Nai Sarak.

Soon, the shop became the Mecca for medical students, doctors, teachers and libraries of medical colleges and hospitals in India as well as all neighbouring countries. And, Delhi Book Store became a household name in the world of medical and non-medical books. The vision which was foreseen in 1947 by Jeewan Kumar Ahuja has been realised; today Delhi Book Store under the supervision of Vijay Ahuja and good choice cialis without prescription his son Prateek Ahuja, is Asia's largest showroom of STM books, with a record 150,000 titles on display. Vijay joined the family business in 1974 while Prateek in 2014. In 2015, DBS hired an experienced sales and marketing team to take distribution to the next level.

Key products and services

From subjects like anaesthesia, medicine, cardiology, ultrasound surgery, obstgynae, radiology, orthopaedics, oncology, haematology, ophthalmology, laboratory, ENT and any subject into field of medical science, the bookstore is a veritable storehouse of medical information.

DBS is the sole authority of exclusive distribution of 600 premier titles of Springer and around 10,000 titles from other international publishers. It has the footprints of many elites like Arun Shourie, Dhanaraj Pillai, Deepak Kapoor, Dr. Naresh Trehan, Padma Bhushan Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak, Jogender Jha, etc.

DBS Imprints

DBS has also launched its own publishing house – DBS Imprints – with a clear vision of serving the nation with world-class top notch reference books of every academic stream. It is planning to publish 500 reference books of Handbook Series, of which 200 have already been published.

Committed to distribution

Prateek and Vijay AhujaDBS's commitment to quality has always been core to its culture and the company is today counted as a leading name in distribution. It has been quick to embrace modern methods of distribution, while building on its heritage and outstanding history.

Even after almost seven decades of its inception, Delhi Book Store is the only distributor in India which has zero outstanding. As a policy, DBS has always purchased books globally against advance payment.

The Ahujas aim to nurture the coming generation to act as leaders for the promotion of the economic, industrial and cultural development of the country and find discount cialis to work towards fulfilling the dream of Prime minister Modi’s Make in India project. They have been at the forefront to spread awareness of super knowledge base of India and have taken a step forward to streamline India’s knowledge legacy.

(Adapted from Mail Today, Dated 05.02.2017.)

Unique selling points of DBS

  • Asia’s largest showroom of STM books
  • Two modern high rise facilities have 20,000 square feet of working area and 200,000 sq. feet of storage capacity.
  • Over 1,50,000 titles on display.
  • 5 floors of subject wise display.
  • Store house of books by all foreign and Indian authors
  • Around 10,000 orders per year.
  • 75 experienced staff members to help customers and facilitate orders.
  • Customer Service and Client Service departments deal with about 200 phone calls every day.
  • Nationwide distribution and retail network.
  • A regular participant at national and international book fairs.

Awards & Accolades

  • Supernova award from Dr Harsh Vardhan, minister of science & technology and earth science, for best and vast collection of global books
  • Outstanding Book Distributor Award by Afro-Asian Book Council
  • Entry into Limca Book of Records 2009 as the largest distributor of medical books in India
  • Life Time Achievement Award to Vijay Ahuja by the Federation of Publishers’ and Booksellers’ Association in India (FPBAI)

Delhi Book Store, popularly known as DBS, has been serving academicians, students and booksellers for the last seven decades. In this period, things have changed tremendously and DBS has always strived to meet future requirements well in time. This is the reason that DBS is one of the most preferred places for all book lovers.

DBS specializes in books of foreign origin but keeping in mind the requirement of walk-in customers, it stocks the books from Indian publishers too. The bookstore takes pride in informing that they have largest collection of academic books on display in their five storied showroom – largest in Asia.

Foreign publishers link…

DBS has collaborated with 15 US & UK publishers to distribute their publications in India on exclusive basis. DBS is further negotiating with other overseas publishers of repute such as Elsevier, Springer and Taylor & Francis to make their publications available in India – back list and the latest ones as well.

Vast subject areas covered…

DBS has a collection of over 200,000 titles in the areas of:

  • Agriculture & Life Science
  • Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science
  • Archaeology, Architecture & Art
  • Commerce & Management
  • Computer, IT & Communication
  • Education, Psychology & Child Development
  • Engineering & Environmental Science
  • Geography & Earth Science
  • History, Politics & Sociology
  • Hotel Management
  • Library & Information Science
  • Literature & Fiction
  • Mass Communication
  • Mathematics & Pure Science
  • Medical Science
  • Science & Technology

DBS, apart from the above, also has a vast collection of books on children, cookery, fashion, architecture, self-help, fiction/ non-fiction, health, fitness, sports. Books in all these categories are available at attractive prices. The bookstore has a good collection of rare & limited edition Coffee table books too.

Choose books at leisure…

Spread over five floors, DBS provides very reclusive sitting space for customers to browse books of their interest and ensures that visitors are looked after by very experienced, well trained team to address all their queries.

What’s more?

DBS plays a major role in developing/setting up of libraries in the upcoming professional institutes by providing ready stock of highly specialised books relevant to the institute.

Last but not the least, one can order books directly through their website and from other online portals. Their website lists all the available titles and hence ensures same day dispatch of all orders.

DBS invites the booksellers to visit/write to know more about the attractive offers for the forthcoming New Delhi World Book Fair 2017.

Headquartered in New Delhi, Delhi Book Store is Asia’s largest bookstore, which has been a trendsetter for several decades. Sprawling showroom in Daryaganj is a sure-shot stop for book lovers from far and near. Here’s more on this mega bookstore.

Education without books is unimaginable; even in this digital era. The printed word still rules the roost. Delhi Book Store is one of the most trusted names in providing educational books to individuals, institutions, retailers, libraries, agents, schools and colleges across the country.

Established in 1947 by Jeewan Kumar Ahuja as a small vendor selling medical books, on foot or on a bicycle, to young medicos, the bookstore has now become the Mecca for not only medical students, doctors, teachers and libraries of medical colleges and hospitals in India as well as neighbouring countries, but has also made a mark in the world of nonmedical books.

Wide array of books…

The awards bagged by DBS over timeSpread over 20,000-sq ft, the five-floor showroom in Daryaganj retails books on all branches of medical science, including Nursing, Dentistry, Veterinary Science and Pharmacy. From subjects like Anaesthesia Medicine, Cardiology, Ultrasound, Surgery, Obs-Gyne, Radiology, Orthopaedics, Oncology, Haematology, Ophthalmology , Laboratory, E.N.T, any subject into fields of medical science, the bookstore is a veritable storehouse of medical information. And that’s not all! The 2,00,000 titles on display include not just medical titles, but also books on engineering, art, business & economics, children books, computers, health, family, lifestyle, law, military, social science, sports, etc. You name it – they have it! In fact, they are well known for stocking unique and rare titles as well.

All in one…

“My father envisioned to spread knowledge and education. Taking a step closer to his vision, we are not just a retailer and a wholesaler, but also a publisher, importer and a distributor,” tells Vijay Ahuja, chairman, Delhi Book Store (DBS), who joined the family business in 1974. Today, he is ably assisted by his son Prateek Ahuja, CEO, DBS. “We have exclusive distribution rights of 600 premier titles of Springer, and around 10,000 titles from other international publishers like Auris Reference, Koros Press, Arcler Press LLC, Delve Publishing LLC, Hayle Medical, Foster Academic, Callisto Reference, Clanrye International, NY Research, Magnum Publishing, Intelliz Press, Syrawood Publishing House and Willford Press,” tells Prateek.

Talking about their publishing division, DBS IMPRINTS, Vijay shares that they wish to offer world-class top-notch reference books of every academic stream. “We have already published 200 handbooks under our imprint and hope to reach 500 soon,” he shares.


Vijay Ahuja and Prateek AhujaTo make it easier for the far-off customers, Delhi Book Store has a fully computerized database and webbed a vast network to reach to every corner of the country as well as abroad along with a full-fledged advance facility of online selling.

But, Prateek feels that online bookshops can never surpass physical bookshops. “Our books are available at other online stores like Flipkart and Amazon but still, our sales are undoubtedly much larger at our physical bookstore,” he says.

Awards & recognitions…

DBS has also bagged various awards like Outstanding book distributor award by Afro-Asian Book Council; entry into the Limca Book of Records 2009 as the largest distributor of medical books in India; and Life Time Achievement Award conferred by FPBAI to Vijay Ahuja.

Success mantra…

“It is a blend of God’s grace, parents’ blessings and our inner spirits,” sums up Prateek. A rapid ultramodern work system, qualified and experienced staff, and friendly and comfortable atmosphere — add up to the unique experience at the Delhi Book Store. “We will continue to build on our heritage and outstanding history, and offer knowledge to help shape the future of tomorrow,” concludes Vijay.

says Vijay Ahuja of Delhi Book Store, one of the Asia’s largest bookstores in New Delhi.

Vijay AhujaOnline bookstores seemed to be a threat to brick-andmortar bookshops 2-3 years back, but the fad has passed. Early this year, popular online book portal opened up a physical bookstore in Seattle, which is a clear indication that when it comes to books, physical bookstore is important.

“Online bookstores can never match the ambience and feel of a bookstore. Even the discounts at online bookstores have come down, while we continue to offer discounts to the tune of 20-50% on our books. Even in this digital age, our business is steadily growing at 10% per annum", shares Vijay Ahuja of Delhi Book Store (DBS), which is a name in itself. The seed sowed by a foresighted man, Jiwan Kumar Ahuja, after partition, in the name of Delhi Book Store is now spreading its sweet fragrance throughout the globe. Like father like son, Vijay Ahuja, the managing director is following his father’s footprints and rendering his service in all the way to flourish the trade. Vijay Ahuja enriches the book store with selected, rare and valuable excellent books from all corners of the world and supplies the same to booksellers in India and abroad.

Little wonder then that Delhi Book Store is one of the Asia’s largest book stores, at Ansari Road, New Delhi. It is the place, where you can quench your thirst for finding any book on any stream of your choice, displayed categorically under various fields like Medical, Academic, References, Higher Education, Social Sciences, Books for Professionals, Library Science, Coffee Table Books, Books for whole-sellers, retailers and library suppliers, etc., so that one can easily meet the need.

“Each floor of the bookstore houses different categories of books and every book is given a LO (location number) so that the staff can find books easily, told Vijay Ahuja.

Besides purchasing books from renowned international publishers, Delhi Book Store has taken exclusive distribution of more than 10,000 of 2015-2016 titles of well-known overseas publishers like, Springer, Auris Reference, Koros Press, Arcler Press LLC, Delve Publishing LLC, Hayle Medical, Foster Academic,Callisto Reference, Clanrye, NY Research, Magnum Publishing, Intelliz Press, Syrawood Publishing House and Willlford Press and distribution of Elsevier, Cabi, Academic Press, Woodhead Publishing, Syngress, Morgan Kaufmann, Gulf Professional, Butterworth-Heinemann.

DBS has also ventured into publishing under DBS Imprint, covering all streams like Agriculture, Literature, Mass Communication, Tourism, Management, Science, Technology, etc.

The quest for books and knowledge is on and Delhi Book Store hopes to fulfil the need for quality books for time immemorial.

Situated neatly in a tranquil corner on Boring Road in Patna, The Books-En-Amee is a bookstore where people still find the culture of library quite alive and kicking. Atmanand Das, proprietor narrates to Jyaneswar Laishram about the origin and operation of his proverbial bookshop cum library in an amicable chat on a fine evening. What makes The Book-En- Amee different from any other bookshops around Patna is not its appearance but the activities it has been engaging to boost reading habits of people in the city. And the man architect behind the making of this model is as modest as the bookshop itself. Cool, soft spoken Atmanand Das boasts of what The Book-En-Amee has achieved as its stature today, which he defines to be escalated from nowhere.

Atmanand DasAround 40 years back, when young Atmanand moved from Kishanganj town to Patna, he was least concerned about opening a bookshop. When he was stuck on a career crossroad right after the completion of his studies, thinking of a next move; then it was his elder brother who glided down to guide him to a right direction. “Atmanand, what are you planning to do in life?” once his literature-centric brother enquired. His straight answer echoed something related to clothes business. Showing a frown of dismay, his brother pleaded him to open a bookshop that could sustain benefits for generations to come.

Atmanand plunged into his brother’s advice and The Book-En-Amee was launched! After certain ups and downs in business, a big turning point took place in the year 2005 when the bookstore introduced a library in the name of Book Club, for which readers were requested to donate their old books as the first step of inception. Books worth Rs 3 lakhs were collected. “We charge Rs 500 as membership fee, half of which (Rs 250) is refundable, with Rs 75 as monthly borrowing charge,” explains Atmanand. Eventually the model worked! The Book Club has more than 2,000 members today and people keep donating books.

Thus, some of the best books available in the Book Club of The Book-En-Amee came through donations. The collection comprises popular bestsellers, from both Indian and international authors, such as Amitav Ghosh, William Darlymple, Salman Rushdie, Sri Aurobindo, among many others. Apart from the collection in the Book Club, around 20,000 books are shelved in the bookstore. The titles covering various topics including pregnancy, pets, games, encyclopaedias, etc. “We also keep preschool books to attract young readers,” mentions Atmanand.

Book Club may come into a new avatar soon as Atmanand is planning to construct a reading corner as part of the club where people can sit and read all day long or wherever they wish to do A unique characteristic feature of The Book-En-Amee is that this bookshop is a landmark corner where renowned Indian authors drop in to read their books and share light moments with their fans around the city. By the time you read this article, author Amish Tripathi of Shiva Trilogy fame might have turned up at the bookstore to greet Atmanand.

Atmanand feels the greatest reward he has achieved by opening The Book- En-Amee and Book Club is that he could somehow propagate knowledge as well as spirit of reading to the people in Patna. As a next-level move, he plans to request all club members to donate at least one book to multiply the collection. He proclaims that it will not only increase the number of books in the club, but also provide an opportunity for readers to exchange new reads. Kudos to this noble cause!