Book Reviews

Author: Abhishek Ray
Publisher: Tara Art Press
(Pp 184, ISBN 978-81-8386-136-6, Rs 299)

Set in Kolkata, the book revolves around an old woman’s murder that has left everybody baffled. There is a tribal who has run away from prison to the jungles of Sunderbans, back to his tribe, to correct the mistake they made. A teenager, who loves to get high on marijuana, can see dead people. His mother, a middle-aged woman has a secret, which she wants to forget but her son is bringing all old memories back. The destinies of all these four people bring them together.

It is a dark thriller but an intriguing one. Though the author has left many questions unanswered, probably for the sequel, the book does make an impression on the minds of the reader.

Authors: Dr. DS Bedi and Prof MP Poonia
Publisher: Khanna Book Publishing, New Delhi
(Pp 730, ISBN 10: 9386173069, Rs 450)

Elements of Mechanical Engineering contains three different fields viz. Thermodynamics, Strength of Materials and Theory of Mechanism. Dr DS Bedi, BE (Delhi), M.E. (Roorkee) (Gold Medalist), Ph D (Waterloo Canada), and Prof MP Poonia, an M Tech (Mech) and Ph D (Thermal Engg) Degrees holder from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, are very well known prominent authors and possess rich teaching experience in these subjects in B Tech classes in India. They have written this book in a simplified language in elaborated chapters.

Elements of Mechanical Engineering contains 14 chapters on topics ranging from the basic concepts of thermodynamics upto centre of gravity. Every chapter in this book is supplemented with a large number of solved examples, which centre on every possible situation. At the end of each chapter are ‘review questions’ designed for students to exercise and these questions are made conversant with the question models of various university examinations. Chapter 13 in this book covers topics in a broad spectrum covering common topics, which are commonly designed for electronics, automobile, airplane and other allied industries.

Author: Qaisra Shahraz
Publisher: Tara India Research Press
(Pp 560, ISBN 9788183861380, Rs 395)

An epic drama of love, passion and betrayal, The Holy Woman is a powerful and compelling romance in a Muslim family that reminds us of the conflicts between modern life and old traditions. Zarri, the glamourous daughter of a wealthy landowner falls in love with Sikander, a business tycoon. But, his father dislikes Sikander and prohibits their marriage. Soon after, Zarri’s brother dies and her father forces Zarri to become his heiress, resurrecting an ancient tradition that requires an heiress to remain celibate for the rest of her life. Zarri’s designer clothes are replaced with black burqa, something even her father could not stand. With many twists and turns, Zarri does gets her share of love.

Beautifully written, the book beautifully depicts human emotions, especially female emotions. Once you start the book, you just cannot put it down.

Author: LT Col Inderjit Singh
Publisher: KW Publishers Pvt Ltd
(Pp 149, ISBN 978-93-86288-18-9, Rs 380)

Written by Lt Col Inderjit Singh, a grenadier, the book is a guide for new-coming youngsters in to the army as to how to deal with orders given by superiors.

The book is written in three discrete parts, which exhibit successful strikes on the enemies supply channels, before the main war.

The book speculates a detailed story of the main battle which was thrust on the battalion to fight. The author also sheds light on the complications which came while following an array of impossible directives given to the army personnel fighting on the field and how it becomes difficult to keep young battalions motivated and zealous for a successful war.

The book is a perfect literary piece which every aspiring soldier should go through for a better understanding of the life of a soldier.

Author: Nilakshi Borgohain
Publisher: Vision & Reasons Imprint, Assam
(Pp 224, ISBN 978-93-5267-647-7, Rs 290)

A beautiful novel which traces the life of an orphan, who wants to have the security of a family, besides making a name for herself! She is ambitious and wants to reach the pinnacle of her career and wish to earn lot of money. For this, she is ready to go to any extent; even snatching her best friend’s fiancée. But, life has its own turns and her husband leaves her for his boss’ daughter. While she used her husband for a security that family provides, her husband leaves her for money. Destiny is more powerful than what we think.

However, the protagonist does not loses hope and reaches her goals in life – only to find herself entrapped in loneliness and guilt. That’s when she starts looking within and discovers the early lessons of ethical behaviour and becomes a better human being. Written in an interesting manner, the book teaches you life’s lessons, without being preachy. Achieving fulfilment in life is much more than material things and one has to be aligned with nature to achieve the best.