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1 NDWBF bookings open: 300 bookings on first day itself! 5240
2 CAPEXIL: working diligently for the betterment of the Indian publishers 3309
3 “IPA is a trade organisation with a human rights mandate” 3976
4 “We are promoting aspiring writers, besides promoting reading habits” 4041
5 “Industry has given me a lot; now it is my time to return” 5311
6 “In India hardbacks are perceived as expensive but it works for the right title” 5045
7 “Education is embedded in our value system” 2862
8 “Differentiation is the key to grow in this competitive market” 5184
9 Lonely Planet offers the perfect travel experience! 4388
10 "We wish to continue bringing best books for medical professionals" 5206