Publishing News [National]

Prasun Chatterjee has joined Pan Macmillan Publishing India Private Limited as its editorial director. With over 12 years’ experience in the industry, Prasun brings in a rich editorial experience, having worked with publishing houses like Oxford University Press and Pearson.

He will be responsible for the imprints under Pan Macmillan India, including Picador India, Pan and Macmillan. He will be working closely with Jeremy Trevathan, publisher, Pan Macmillan UK, to shape the Editorial list and will report to Rajdeep Mukherjee, managing director, Pan Macmillan Publishing India Private Limited.

Three Leaves Books International, a unit of Lajwanti Group, is a celebrated publisher and distributor of children’s school and reference books full of fun and knowledge. Getting constant accreditations and awards for their excellence in publication of widely acclaimed academic titles, the company is recipient of five prestigious awards including the First Prize for Best Production 2016 from The Federation of Indian Publishers. Moreover, they also bagged four awards at the Beijing International Book Fair 2016 and seven at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC) 2016 in Singapore.

Headquartered in Delhi, the company is run under the aegis of four prolific directors—Yash Chhabra, Rita Chhabra, Lakshya Chhabra and Kanika Chhabra—who take up diverse roles in bringing up the publishing firm to a global level. Over the years, Three Leaves has been a regular participant in every leading book fair at both domestic and international levels—latest being their landmark presence in the Sharjah International Book Fair 2016 in UAE. Kanika is at the helm when it comes to the company’s successful participation in the reputed book fairs in India and abroad. Highly commended academic books from this internationally reputed publisher are for Nursery to Class X students.

Capexil’s president Ramesh K MittalCAPEXIL Book Division, sponsored by Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India participated in Beijing International Book Fair along with 13 member-exporters which was held from August 23-27, 2017. CAPEXIL participated in this fair to encourage their members to diversify their market. Prashant Sitaram Lokhande, counsellor (Economic), Embassy of India, Beijing, China, inaugurated the CAPEXIL and NBT, India stand.

Sunil Kumar, executive officer, CAPEXILBeijing International Book Fair, Asia’s biggest book fair, logged a record number of exhibitors – 2,511 from 89 countries and 300,000 visitors. The exhibitors recorded 5,262 rights deals, which exceeded last year’s figure of 5,018. Visitors noted the growth of new publishing sectors rather than a concentration on those traditionally associated with BIBF – educational titles, science and children’s books. For the first time, lifestyle, health and wellness, cookery and home-making titles were much in evidence, reflecting the trends and interests of the Chinese middle-class consumer.

Children’s books were reportedly the most popular area for rights deals, and this continued growth of sales was matched by interest in titles about children’s development and psychology. Topics like autism, sibling rivalry and divorce were also very popular.

Capexil’s president, and chairman, Books, Publications & Printing Panel, Ramesh K Mittal visited the Indian participants Stand along with Prashant Sitaram Lokhande and Sanjeev Kumar, second secretary and interacted with them to understand their success stories as well as their difficulties to export their items.

National Book Trust (NBT), India, recently organized a job oriented Certificate Course in Book Publishing, in association with Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad from October 4-11, 2017.

NBT, India is an Indian publishing house, founded in 1957 as an autonomous body under the Ministry of Education of the Government of India. NBT now functions under aegis of Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India. While, Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU) is a Central University established at National Level in 1998 t to promote and develop the Urdu language and to impart vocational and technical Education in Urdu medium through conventional and distance modes.

According to Narender Kumar, training officer of this course in book publishing, topics of vital importance and techniques are introduced in these courses to participants who want to publish books or start a book publishing company or work in any discipline of publishing trade, organized in different parts of the country. The course provides an intensive introduction to all aspects of book, magazine and digital publishing. The training courses are aimed primarily at recent college graduates but other applicants are not discouraged. Many students have worked in publishing houses briefly and would like to broaden their understanding of the field or have decided to make a career change from an unrelated field.

The Book Publishing Certificate Course has been developed to meet high academic standards, ensuring that as a candidate one can utilize with pride the Book Publishing Training Course Certificate which one earns from the National Book Trust and the participating organization in collaboration with whom these courses are organized. This aim is achieved with the help of faculty drawn from experienced people who have spent their lifetime in the respective fields of the book publishing process.

–G S Jolly (With inputs from NBT)

At Delhi Book Fair, New Delhi, LiFi Publications Pvt Ltd released 11 books at Author’s Corner, which included The Wickerman Chronicles (Giri Kurichiyath); Shadows of the Departed (Abhik Chakraborty); Sacral ICCHA : A Plethora of Love and Emotions (Shilpi M Bhardwaj); Like A Psalm… (Perumpadavam Sreedharan, translated by A.J. Thomas); It's never a break-up in love (Avijitt Ssood); Hope Express: Tomorrow is a new day (Ketan Vaidya); Ajey!: The Invincible (Lokendra Singh); Reminiscences of Neurosurgeon: Little Salty Bit Sugary (Lokendra Singh); A Cup of Coffee with a Bunch of Tales (Jayaraj); IT @D day : When Machine Hunts Man (Anirban Basu) and Bougainvillea (Rakhi Sunil Kumar).

These books were released by Dr Subhash Chandra, former associate professor of English, University of Delhi; Dr. Vijay Sharma, former principal, Ram Lal Anand College, University of Delhi and Dinesh Sharma, registrar general, Delhi High Court. Rashmi Singh, a well-known author whose seven books have been published, out of which two have been published by LiFi Publications, was also called on the dais to release the books.

Majority of authors were present at the event. Dr. Thomas, the translator of the book LIKE A PSALM informed the audience that the book has originally been published in Malayalam and it is running into more than eighty editions with more than 2,50,000 copies sold till now.