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–a unique paradise of valuable books Books give us knowledge, books give us light, books build our career and books give us strength to fight. In fact nothing can or should replace the book, neither the internet nor any other popular electronic devices. Delhi Book Store is well accustomed with this eternal idea and has chosen the way to serve the people by supplying all types of books in India and other countries. Truly, when someone needs a book, it is the name of Delhi Book Store (DBS) which immediately flashes in the mind. Yes, DBS, one of the unique book stores in Asia, is a well known and reliable name in the book industry to whom one can trust without any second thought, for obtaining a book of choice in good quality and within most reasonable price.

The man behind its glorious journey has been none other than Jeewan Kumar Ahuja, father of MD Vijay Ahuja. Vijay Ahuja is also a man in book industry with a challenging farsightedness and progressive vision. He has a strong passion to enrich his bookstore with selected, rare, valuable, and antique books.

DBS possesses an immense passion for every title of every field - be it the unique title of medicine, architecture, technology, a cutting edge reference book, novels of world-class novelists, or a classic text on religion and buy xenical what not! Now the number of collection has crossed over 3,00,000. Just tell the name of a book, the skilled staff is ready to show you the variety of books of different publishers of that category and to please you by providing with the intended copy.

Besides procuring books from renowned international publishers, Delhi Book Store has taken exclusive distributorship of well-known overseas publishers like Springer, Auris Reference and Koros Press.

Delhi Book Store is not just about book distribution–DBS IMPRINTS, the publishing wing of DBS, is also blooming day by day gloriously with its hundreds of well-researched Handbook series which is rapidly gaining its credentials. DBS has showcased scores of books on science and literature, environments and ecology and many other relevant reference books.

It has recently published a key series on various subjects like Library and Information Science, Digital Library, Restaurant and order discount viagra online Food Services, Professional Services and so on–providing research monograph related to leading edge aspects of the field that too by key authors.

DBS has a vision of flourishing the book industry in all possible ways by rendering perfect service tirelessly. With a mission to satisfy all customers – big or small, DBS is extending appropriate service in the most humble and advanced way.

New Delhi based Delhi Book Store (DBS) has a treasure trove of books of all genres for all age groups. Their collection of STM (scientific, technical and medical) is worth looking. Here’s more on their huge collection.

With a sprawling and well-managed showroom at Daryaganj in New Delhi, Delhi Book Store is a unique and incredible book store in India as well as Asia.

Their STM and reference books collection is worth mentioning. They exclusively distribute 300 titles of Springer apart from other reputed international publishers with over 200 titles published this year. Throughout the world, Springer provides scientific and professional communities with superior specialist information – produced by authors and buying cialis now services colleagues across cultures.

Besides, DBS has also recently started publishing a series of Handbooks, under their DBS Imprints tag. Their handbooks have been well accepted in the market and new titles are added very frequently, the latest ones being The DBS Handbook of Plant Science; The DBS Handbook of Plant Disease; The DBS Handbook of Pollution; The DBS Handbook of Soil Science; The DBS Handbook of Organic Chemistry; The DBS Handbook of Entomology; The DBS Handbook of Geology and The DBS Handbook of Disaster Management.

Moreover, they also have reprinting rights out of over 40 titles on a wide range of Library Science which are very popular amongst libraries. The Library and Information Science book series is extremely important for academics, researchers and practitioners who are involved in information science and librarianship research. The series aids to keep up with the latest research findings and trends. It promulgates new ideas and research in the field of library and information science and provides research monograph related to leading edge aspects of the field by the key authors.

They also cover more professional level subjects like Fashion, Food, Hotel Management, Education, etc.

Established way back in 1947, this pioneer bookstore meticulously collects books from around the world, and serves book sellers, library suppliers and only best offers the readers’ community, etc by providing them what they actually need. DBS possess an immense passion for every title of the respective fields. May it be the unique title of medical, or architecture, or technology, or cutting edge reference books, or a light novel of world class novelist, or a classic text on religion…they have all of these. And their list of books is never-ending.

The National Book Trust, India has tied-up with the Delhi Metro to promote books amongst the masses. The first NBT-Metro bookshop was officially opened at Kashmere Gate Metro Station by Mangu Singh, managing director, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation in the presence of A Sethumadhavan, chairman, NBT; MA Sikandar, director, NBT and other dignitaries.

At the occasion, Mangu Ram shared that they are open to facilitate such initiatives in additional metro stations once they evaluate the experience of travellers.

While, A Sethumadhavan, chairman, NBT said, “With this initiative, we will connect to readers directly and hope this will promote language books to a greater extent. This is an excellent initiative of two government organisations to increase book reading habits.”

MA Sikandar, director, NBT, shared that Indian Railways have also approached them and are keen to have similar bookshops at the major railway stations.

At NBT metro bookshops Metro smart card user can avail 15 percent discount on books. Passengers can also pick up NBT catalogues and book their orders for the books not available at Metro outlets, which NBT can later send through post.

When bookshops around the world are facing threat from online bookstores, it is heartening to mention that Popular Book Store in Pune is celebrating its 60th anniversary. Here’s more on this bookshop.
Established in 1954 by Madhav Gadgil, in a small shop on Deccan Gymkhana, next to Poona Coffee House, Popular Book House has come a long way. “Since the beginning, our aim is to provide latest books on various subjects to booklovers,” tells Sunil M Gadgil of Popular Book House.

But, the bookshop has faced its share of shortcomings as well. This small bookshop was completely washed away in the 1961 floods, which caused havoc in the city. “However, it proved a blessing in disguise for us. Madhav managed to gather the leftovers and mainly a lot of courage to start over again - that too in a bigger place, where we are functioning today. Since then, there has been no looking back though a lot of changes have taken place since then,” adds Sunil.

Talking about the transition, Sunil shares that since 1980's considerable changes took place. “Subjects like Politics, Anthropology, Sociology, were replaced by subjects like Computer Science, IT, Management, Cookery, Children Books, etc,” he adds. While, 1990's saw the coming of Multimedia CD Rom's, Books on audio CD’s, etc. “We have changed accordingly. We stock latest books, CD Rom's, and stationery. We also accept subscription to select English magazines. We also are the largest supplier of books to various institutions, colleges, universities, and industries,” he tells.

Remarkably, the bookshop has enjoyed a large loyal clientele for all these years. “Now we have members of the third and fourth generation visiting us,” he adds proudly. And, he attributes their success to their ability to adapt to changes – they were the first to start an air-conditioned book shop, then came the computerization. They also have a separate section for books in Hindi. They claim to be the first bookshop to start mailing system for keeping their clients informed about the new arrivals. Last but not the least, they have also launched an online bookshop to tap the growing online customers.

The latter half of the year is studded with festivities, with host of festivals round the corner. Diwali being the most auspicious, divine, and delightful festival, Delhi Book Store is offering special discount to all their customers, booksellers and distributors. And the celebration does not stops here, there’s more in store…. More recently, Indian currency has seen the worst depreciation and the effect can be seen across all industries. But, Delhi Book Store (DBS) has not increased the prices of their books. As Vijay Ahuja, managing director, DBS puts it, “It is true that the value of Dollar, Pound, and Euro is rapidly increasing day by day in comparison with our Rupee, but we have made no change in our selling price in any way. Customers can buy any book from our store at the original net price, offering genuine discounts.”

And this is not all…keeping in mind the festival season approaching in India, Delhi Book Store will be coming up with attractive offers for all customers, booksellers and distributors. “Don’t miss this special and irresistible offer to expand your knowledge as well as business. Visit DBS and consult with our sales department to avail this fabulous bargain as early as possible,” adds Vijay Ahuja.

On asking about the reason, he laments, “The present world scenario or the day-to-day media news clearly indicates that there is a remarkable degradation in moral values in our society. As a result, crimes and endless forms of corruption, terrorism and killings, disease and displeasure, and even the threat of war, has made our life stressful and full of uncertainty. No doubt, we are very much proud of our tremendous progress in the field of science and technology, but the advancement in material science without simultaneous development of moral values brings serious repercussions in many areas of life. In addition, the increasing rate of juvenile delinquency is a clear symptom of a crisis which today’s youth undergo in the process of their personal growth. In such a situation, value education assumes a special significance.”

“In order to untie this social knot or upgrade from rock bottom we have to understand the importance of imparting proper education. Education in true sense is an encompassing or all embracing method that touches all the golden pokes of life cycle-- physical and mental, social and cultural, moral and spiritual-- and can bring out the best of latent human potentials. To fight against all these social odds one needs to gain knowledge. Knowledge not only brings us bread and butter, knowledge gives us light to fight, and also provides us the power of conscience, knowledge enriches our wisdom. Knowledge illuminates the lamp of our heart and books are the beacon light to carry these universal messages,” he adds as a matter of fact.

As one of the most successful icons in the field of selling books, Vijay realizes this truth well. He has an ascended passion for collecting rare books from all over the world. “DBS is always acclaimed for its huge collections of recent and rare titles, exemplary business ethics, professional and well-mannered staff, and cordial atmosphere. Sitting on a comfortable sofa when you sip a cup of hot tea/coffee, and turn a page of a book in calm and quiet atmosphere in DBS showroom, it will surely provide you a romantic at home feeling,” he adds.

More recently, DBS has forayed into publishing world under the banner DBS IMPRINTS. Crossing its infancy, DBS IMPRINTS is now in the phase of rapid expansion and growth. “We are dedicated to provide world-class cutting edge literature to the readers and open a wide avenue for the experienced writers in their respective fields,” concludes Vijay.

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+ More than 2,00,000 titles displayed under one-roof
+ Different genres displayed floor-wise
+ Books from worldwide publishers sold at very special price
+ A must visit showroom for all age groups


+ Publishing new books
+ Purchasing copyright of books
+ Welcoming publishers
+ Welcoming professionals like booksellers, distributors & individuals

Authors Welcome!

DBS invites authors from all corners to get their work imprinted from DBS IMPRINTS and have a professional, profitable and unselfish experience.