Book Reviews

Author: Ahmed Faiyaz
Publisher: Sanbun Publishers, (Rs 150)

Love, Life and all that Jazz fits perfectly into the genre of youth fiction and can be a fresh script for soft youth centric movies like, ‘Jane tu ya jane na’. It is a strongly-plotted novel with simple everyday characters. The novel invokes familiarity for the characters in the reader’s mind. One gets glued to the conversations and the description of their facial expressions. There are dialogues which tickle your funny bone and also the ones which make you ponder over the decisions you’ve made in your life.

The story is about six friends, who are from different backgrounds. The novel shows the growth of them as a group and simultaneously seeps into their individual life, showing the reader the growth of each as a person. It moves from a light and funny beginning to showing the intricacies of relationships, the alienation from the roots in a foreign land and the desperation to make it big. Despite of showing the entire struggle faced by the youth during their transition from college to work, the novel does not depress the reader, rather keeps him in good spirits.

Faiyaz shows all the jazz in not so jazzy a language. He uses crisp dialogues written in the language spoken by the urban youth. He refrains from exhibiting his knowledge of words, instead sticks to the theme and picks the words which conform to the need of the scene he is sketching. He adds glamour to the novel by weaving hilarious events such as the Goa trip and the frequent café visits. Every chapter starts with a quotation by a prominent personality which relates to the developments in the chapter, which certainly is a little different and fresh idea for fiction novels. In nutshell, it is a fast-paced, sweet novel which leaves you with a warm smile. -

Author: AD Bhattacharya
Publisher: Akshaya Prakashan
(Pp 200, ISBN 978-81-88643-31-8, Rs 250)

Eighteen thousand verses strong Srimad Bhagavata Mahapurana is one of the most extensive creations of all classics which does not require introduction to the men of wisdom. This mammoth creation of Sage Vedavyasa has lead people to the land of divinity and spiritualism from time immemorial. ‘Srimad Bhagavata – the message divine’ is a drop of nectar from this ocean, to lead the readers to the land of immortality to experience divine bliss in this life only.

Divided into twelve sections, the book traces the story behind composing Bhagavata among others like Lord Kapila, Dhruva, Jadabharata, Ajamila, Sri Krishna, etc. The language is simple yet alluring. The author, an IIT graduate, AD Bhattacharaya had a love for spiritualism and music from an early age.

Author: Bhabani Bhattacharya
Publisher: Orient Paperbacks
(Pp 320, ISBN 978122294605, Rs 240)

A modern fable of rural India, A Goddess named Gold is narrated against the backdrop of freedom struggle. It is a masterly satire on those who live by the lure of gold. There’s a pretty girl named Meera who is poverty-struck, whose grandfather is a minster. The grandfather gives her a touchstone, which is believed to turn copper into gold, provided she acts kindly as a natural and spontaneous expression of herself. Then there’s a Seth, a rich person, who wants to own that touchstone. And one point of time, Meera is ready to trade it - all for a bottle of oil.

The book describes rural India in a picturesque manner. The characters look real, the instances also look real. The book is entertaining yet makes you think about the problems in villages and how difficult it is for a poor man to survive in this world.

The author Bhabani Bhattacharya is Sahitya Akademi award winning author and a remarkable feature of his writings is its purposeful thrust and social relevance in all times.


Author: Dr Malti Khaitan 
Publisher: AITBS Publishers
(Pp 352, ISBN 978-93-7473-463-6, Rs 295)

Flowers that HealFlower remedies involve understanding the mental state of a person. The book discusses 63 flowers remedies – one for each of the most negative states of mind or moods that affect people. For example, balsam is the flower of concern, jasmine – the flower of luxury, salva – the flower of immortality and peepal – the flower of sensitivity.

Sine flower therapy is a holistic method of treatment, it takes into account the mental state of a person. As is the case with most alternative therapies, it treats the body and mind as intimately interrelated and uses both physiological and psychological symptoms as aids to diagnosis and for determining the nature of treatment.

The book also has a rescue remedy, which is a pre-mixed concoction of the essence of five flowers that can be used in an emergency to alleviate immediate symptoms of trauma.

The author Dr Malti cultivates organic flowers from the modest hedgerow to the exotic orchids in her own garden, together with herbaceous plants, bushes, creeper, vines and blossoms of fruit – all 63 flowers mentioned in the book! So, don’t just admire flowers, use them for their healing powers.
–V Verma


Author: Dr Alan E Nelson
Publisher: Good Times Books Pvt Ltd
(Pp 255, ISBN 978-93-806190-6-4, Rs 175)

When you want so much to succeed, why are you often disappointed? If your heart’s in the right place, why do you keep getting hurt? You may be your own worst enemy- without even knowing it. But, you can make positive changes to improve your life. It is your attitude. This book aims to help you evaluate your own life to identify and change self-defeating behaviours. With this book’s helpful insights, you can achieve your goals and live the successful life you long for.

The author Dr Alan has a graduate degree in psychology and communication and a doctorate in leadership. The style of the book is simple, easy to understand and follow.

–Vasu V