Book Reviews

Author: Subhas C Biswas
Publisher: Gyan Publishing House
(Pp140, ISBN 9788121212793, Rs 475)

Librarianship In Indian National Perspective by Subhas C Biswas, who has worked with prestigious libraries of the world, presents Indian librarianship in a national perspective with plans of action at different levels that could be considered as future course of action plan for making it compatible with other major libraries of the world. Author believes that the National Library has got a raw deal by all stakeholders- the management, employees, central government and low priced prescription viagra professional bodies.

The book largely deals with the National Library Kolkata and presents the In-House Action Plan, the quick measures required to be taken to bring the National Library to the fore front and impact of Indian Legal Deposit legislation on the National library.

The book discusses a very important aspect of the relevance of the traditional libraries in the light of current trends of digitization of library based information. The question become very important, keeping in mind the speed of growth of commercial e-publications worldwide and similar technological innovations over the last decade.

The book highlights the lack of any nationwide detail study of manpower planning together with continuous stagnation in library science education, training and research without any measures for qualitative improvement. The book presents an in-depth study of the library policy and its loopholes and presents a roadmap for making the library movement in India vibrant.

Author: Ishwar Vedam
Publisher: The Bookmaster, DS Publishers India, New Delhi
(Pp 189, ISBN 9788180232022, Rs 150)

As a child, many of us would have struggled with idioms. What if the idioms are the only way to survive and we use it get back home? Well, that’s the book all about. The character Nidhi Sharma hates English, especially idioms, because the literal meaning is so different from the actual one. But, she is proved wrong when she takes a leap in the dark on a night of a blue moon, and finds herself in a place called Graria, where happenings violate common sense. Infact, all the characters and events seem to tumble out of the dictionary of idioms, which she hates. The only way Nidhi can go home is to understand the rules of the game.

Tightly and intricately woven, the book keeps you guessing what happens next. The author’s portrayal of the little girl is very convincing – her emotions, way of thinking and her problem-solving capabilities – all are written so well. A few illustrations here and there will make young readers look for more.

What’s more? By the end of the book, readers will know and remember many idioms as well. The book will be liked by both children and adults.

Author: Claudia Ciesla
Publisher: Om Books International, New Delhi
(Pp 218, ISBN 9789385273933 Rs 195)

One can’t help but picking up the book – Keep Eating Keep Losing as the title of the book is so tempting. Who doesn’t want to eat and improved yet maintain the perfect figure and weight? Written by model and actress Claudia Ciesla, the book teaches us how to make healthy living an integral part of our life without taking the fun out of it.

Claudia takes readers on her on own journey wherein her busy schedules and unhealthy eating habits landed her in hospital. It was then that she realised the value of healthy eating. With dietary changes and regular exercise regimen, she succeeded in getting the right weight.

The book presents a holistic strategy drawn to reorganise our life by making good health an important goal. It shows us how the right blend of healthy eating, exercise and rest can help us stay in shape. With easy-to-follow tips, the book also provides healthy recipes to pamper your taste buds. Written in an n easy-to-follow manner, the book will be helpful to all those who are trying to lose weight or struggling to maintain it.

Author: Deepak Kaul
Publisher: Westland Ltd & Bloody Good Book
(Pp 124, ISBN 9789385724930, Rs 200)

The story of Mahabharata has never failed to amaze us. It is still so relevant in today’s time, though the situations are different. That’s the essence and the inspiration for the book Corpokshetra. The cover is interesting– Krishna dons a cap with his iconic peacock feather while Kauravas and Pandavas are fighting on the desk. Yes the book is a modern corporate Mahabharata.

There’s a twist to the characters, Hastinapur is a business empire, Bheeshma the man behind it, Duryodhan runs it while Dhritrashtra owns it. Pandavas have come out of exile (working for NGOs) and now want their share. Krishna is the consultant who is good at negotiations and corporate deals. What follows is a corporate boardroom – Kurukshetra – which sees 18 days of war of the words and some cricket and golf in the last two days.

The book has a humorous angle to it – wanting the reader to know what happens in the end, though everyone knows the climax of Mahabharata.

Author: Baisali Chatterjee Dutt
Publisher: Niyogi Books
(Pp 188, ISBN 9789383098880, Rs 1,995)

Fashion and colourful outfits is not just for women… Sharbari Datta has proved that. She has been instrumental in bringing men's ethnic wear in India to the limelight. She has given kantha traditional handicraft of rural Bengal a facelift making it cool, trendy and fashionable. Not just this, she reintroduced old dhoti-punjabi outfit to younger generation… making it look as cool as denim.

This is the first book that captures Sharbari Datta's life and work. Her multifaceted personality and creativity are explored through the rich collection of photographs featured in the book. The book is divided into seven chapters: Introducing Sharbari Datta; The Design Diva; The Business Side of Things; The Men, the Memories, the Milestones; And They Say; Everything Else You Wanted to Know; and Future Perfect.

Beautifully printed and aesthetically designed, the book is appealing to the eyes. Vivid pictures are breathtaking… making Indian ethnic wear look so cool and comfortable for men. Get to know more about this design diva, in a tete-atete with the lady herself.

The book will be an inspiration for many and a collector’s item for all!