Book Reviews

Edited by: Kathy Cassity and treatment cheapest genuine viagra tablets Rochelle Almeida
Publisher: CTR Books (Price USD 16)
CTR Books, a USbased publishing enterprise dedicated to promoting Anglo-Indian heritage and culture, has just released its eighth and final book – Curtain Call- Anglo- Indian Refletions– flagged as one of the most exciting projects to roll off its presses.

Edited by eminent Anglo-Indian professors Kathy Cassity and Rochelle Almeida, the book features the work of Anglo-Indian and Indian authors, both new and established, spanning the varied experiences of a little-known mixedrace community which had its beginnings during the British Raj in India when whitesettler Britishers, missing the presence of British females, married Indian women.

Anglo-Indians are totally British in outlook, their mother tongue is English and they follow the Christian faith. They also have British, French, Dutch and Portuguese surnames, reflecting the various nations that occupied India at different periods in the subcontinent’s colourful history. At its peak, the Anglo-Indian community numbered around 500,000 and when India became independent in 1947 most migrated to Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and elsewhere, with around 200,000 still in India today.

Publisher and philanthropist Blair Williams, a New Jersey-based Anglo-Indian businessman, runs CTR (Calcutta Tiljallah Relief ), a registered "not for profit" charity he set up in 1999 to help alleviate India's Anglo- Indians from financial distress. He started publishing books in 2002 with one penned by himself entitled Anglo-Indians – Vanishing Remnants of a Bygone Era, because he felt that English and Indian authors had been "grossly stereotyping" the community. He wanted to set the record straight by issuing books written by Anglo-Indian and other writers who "really knew our community". He said his firm's final book contained "excellent stories, memoirs and reflections" like all the other books he has published.

Williams added, "Our books not only make interesting reading but buyers also get to help less fortunate people as the gross proceeds of all books bought go to helping India's Anglo- Indians. We provide monthly sums to over 250 seniors and finance the education of the community's children."

–Rudy Otter

Author: Farida Ahmadi,
Publisher: Sham M Book Co, Afghanistan,
(Pp 194, ISBN 978-9936-8035-0-3)

Farida Ahmadi draws a gloomy picture of discrimination that women face. The bok draws inspiration from the pain which immigrant women share with the author. The book portraits ten women who have in common that they feel powerless and depressed, lonely and violated. They are poor and represent a part of the new underclass. They feel discriminated in their meeting with institutions like the health system and the social welfare system. They feel mistrusted by doctors and have no contact with ethnic Norwegians. They seldom have the opportunity to leave their home and do not understand Norwegian language well. They are controlled socially by their husbands and suffer under lack of belonging in Norway. "Pain and being a woman are two sides of the same coin," says one of the women.

Deeply moving, the book stirs our soul…leaving us thinking whether God really created everyone equal?

Author: Dr. Anila Chandy
Publisher: Viva Books,
(Pp 140, ISBN 978-81-309-1261-5, Rs 295)

Written by a practicing physician Dr Anila Chandy of Apollo Group of Hospitals and Motherhood Hospitals, Chennai, it is a this practical guide to understand what various symptoms mean and how to deal with them. It tells us what can be the causes for it and what tests should be performed to find the underlying cause.

If you have a query to your illness, this book has the answer. It also contains some practical tips such as how to adjust the insulin dose in diabetes, how much alcohol can one drink, etc. Written in easy-to-understand format, it equips the reader with some understanding of common ailments before approaching a hospital. It also gives sound advice on how and what to eat and live a healthy life. After all, prevention is always better than cure!

–Varsha Verma 

Author: Col B Dalvi
Publisher: Pentagon Press, New Delhi,
ISBN: 9788182748781, Price: 995

Being the third and the final episode of the Victory India series, A Campaign Called ‘Victory India’ is yet a culmination of painstaking efforts of veteran defense personnel who pen their perceptions and convictions concerning the aspects of selection, training and grooming of the Indian military officers. Responses received to the write-ups have also been added to complement and reinforce the author’s views in the book.

Divided into seven parts, segregating upon subjects and issues on: selection and grooming of military officers; corporal punishment and remedies; quality military leadership; nurturing of strategic leadership; use of holistic approach; role of media; and referral section, the overall content of the book is a collective contribution from 33 contributory authors and 34 respondents. While producing this book, the highest civil authorities, including the prime minister, president and military hierarchy of the Chief of Staff Committee, among others have been approached with concrete suggestions and multifarious alternatives for addressing the existing shortcomings related to the country’s quality leadership.

–Jyaneswar Laishram

Author: Abhijit Naskar
Publisher: Pigeon Books India (an imprint of GBD Books)
ISBN: 9789384401672 Price: 599

This book is all about scientific findings on human inner self. But Neurosutra, or literally a philosophy of neuroscience, is not a mere science book bundled with jargons and complex terminologies. The author narrates the science of human mind in a way every layman reader can dig up the secrets behind human behaviours, related to neuroscience study of every bit of the brain that functions to manipulate into our day-to-day activities for productive outcome.

In simplified narration, Neurosutra defines neuroscience into two branches—one is neurology and psychology the other. The book defines how neurology works like hardware and psychology as software of the human brain. And when these two come together, magic happens. This magic is the most amazing thing human being has ever been attributed. The metaphor of ‘hardware’ and ‘software’ referred here is for the fact that the human brain requires the beautiful and orderly interplay of its neurological circuits and functional part, which we called the ‘mind’.
Our mind is the most fantabulous creation of the brain circuits, which allow us to unwire various regions of the brain based on the daily needs. The unfathomable universe of the human mind holds the key to better living. Explore further in this book.

–Jyaneswar Laishram