Book Reviews

Publisher: Sweet Cherry Publishing, UK
(ISBN 9781782260202, $159.80 USD)

William Shakespeare is widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world's pre-eminent dramatist. His works have been adapted and readapted to create new stories, but the original ones still remain evergreen. This timeless collection of 20 books is a tribute to the great writer. It presents a thoughtful selection of twenty plays which have been suitably simplified, narrated and illustrated for young reader. Though the illustrations are in black-and-white, but the effect is same as coloured ones. Every page has an illustration, thereby adding to the visualisation of the reader.

These books can be read by children. The easy-to-read narration and comic-style illustrations are sure to captivate children’s interest and develop their reading skills. Even teachers can use them as a classroom resource. A collector’s item for all!

Author: Dale Carnegie
Publisher: Diamond Books, New Delhi
(Pp 224, ISBN 978-93-5261-259-8, Rs 150)

This international bestseller is a timeless book on tips to win friends and influence people. The revised edition carries the same charm and helpful advice to win friends. It presents a lot of information on personality development, thus making one an extraordinary person. It gives simple tips like smiling and how to start a conversation. The book is simple to follow and can be of a great help to people who are shy or introverts. For others, it can help to make a good and lasting impression and develop leadership skills. A must-read book for everyone!

Authors: Sapna Gupta Navneeth and Deepak Chodhary
Publisher: Om Books International, New Delhi
(Pp 234, ISBN 978-93-83202-11-9, Rs 395)

Claimed to be the first book on the Indian Live Event Industry that goes beyond just academic definitions, the book reveals what it is like to be a part of the industry. With a foreword by the original showman of live events, Subhash Ghai, and an introduction by EEMA President Sabbas Joseph, the book features 17 top industry leaders who have been instrumental is making an industry where there was none.

The book provides important insights on the size of the industry and gamut of its engagement. It also shows how this sunrise industry is already on an unstoppable curve.

Author: Dr Monika Chansoria; Publisher: KW Publishers Pvt Ltd
(Pp 268, ISBN 9789383649990, Rs 980)

Reflecting a contemporary model of the epic old Sino- Japanese rift which has been continuing since 19th century, the book meticulously presents worldwide manoeuvres in the process of retention over this stretch of water-lands of South-East Asia. The archipelago named as ‘SENKAKU’ lies more or less in the middle of three contesting countries – China, Japan and Taiwan, for the possession over this group of islands. The book deliberately sheds light on the complicated tandem shared amongst these East-Asian Countries. The author Dr Monika Chansoria, a senior fellow at the CLAWS, uncovers the facts behind this rift for the possession of the stretch of water body.

The sea is meant to be the golden route for exporting and importing commodities in the international market apart from that it provides the best spot for practising naval military drills as well. Backed up by several elaborative studies, the book is the subtle replica of the current scenario of the South East Asia Sea. Overall, the book is a good read.

Author: PC Sarkar; Publisher: Kalpaz Publications, Delhi
(Pp 220, ISBN 9789322051281399, Rs 900)

The origin & history of Lucknow is truly intriguing not just to the historians but also to the common man. The history of Lucknow can be traced back to the ancient times of the Suryavanshi Dynasty. Lucknow Buildings, Begums and The British by PC Sarkar is not about history, rather it is a book about heritage. As a city, Lucknow has witnessed many turmoil during the past three centuries.

The history of Lucknow is both rich and fascinating. The history of Lucknow reveals interesting and often charming aspects of the culture and life of the people of Lucknow.

The book deals with three different areas which are complimentary to each other. It very lucidly describes the building of Lucknow, the lesser known history of the Begums, who contributed to the growth and development of the city of Lucknow and British who ruled by proxy through their Residents.

PC Sarkar in this immensely researched book has thrown light on the lesser known but significant aspects of the history of Lucknow by incorporating information about events of the life and times of the British residents. Supported by an exhaustive bibliography and large number of images of bygone era of Lucknow, the author has made this work a treasure– worth reading and preserving.