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Taking an indispensable need of the hour of monetizing the online content, ICDL 2016 hosted a line of reputed speakers to throw light on the ‘Monetization’ aspects of online content accessibility. The event was held in the New Delhi on December 14 and was partnered by American Chemical Authority. The event was presided by NK Mehra, president of Narosa publisher and co-chaired by the DGM of DLF Ltd, India - Praveen K Chowdhry. Other panelists included Kailash Balani, Dhruv Nath, Garima Babbar, Sushmita Chakroborty and Dhruv Nath.

Brandon Nordin, the senior vice president of sales and marketing and digital strategist at ACS Publication USA, highlighted the essence of ‘Monetization’ needs and how to maintain a happy and profitable content publication business forms. Moving ahead, Kailash Balani, the managing director of Aditya Books Pvt Ltd. focused on the users’ side, the ones who are the prime consumers of this digitalized mode of publication. He talked about ‘User generated information’ hosted by sites like Facebook and Linkedin. He also mentioned ‘Pay per Click’ as the most important advertisement tool amidst this content publication business. Professor cum mentor for all starting up entrepreneurs - Dhruv Nath - summed up the talk. Lastly, Susmita Chakraborty enlightened the essence of ‘value addition’ in the contemporary educational system.

At the initiative of the Frankfurt Book Fair and Foreign Ministry of the Federal Republic of Germany, the German Book Office (GBO) organized a training workshop on content/product development for professionals from the publishing, media and content industry. The workshop was a third in the series of training events conducted by the GBO as part of its annual Young Professionals Programme (YPP). The programme was well attended by 30 professionals from the editorial, design, operations and sales & marketing domains of publishing houses such as Scholastic India, Harper Collins India, SAGE India among others.

The focus of workshop this year was on new ways of trade development in the publishing industry, reaching out to the potential buyers, identifying and catering to the needs of the existing customers and creating new needs by identifying the problem areas of the customers. Speaking at the occasion, Prashasti Rastogi, director, GBO, remarked, “This is the first time that a workshop on New Product Development has been conceptualized in the Indian publishing sector.” The workshop sought to train the mid-career professionals in skills relevant to the changes in the publishing industry and to fill the huge gap of training and development in the publishing industry in India.

Want to start on-demand print business, bring printing in-house or offer your customers a wider proposition? RICOH Pro C7100X and Pro C7110X series open up more print opportunities to grow your market share.

The RICOH Pro C7100X series serves to be the ideal solutions; offering a wide variety of applications, and further extending offerings with 5th colour opportunities. The new series complement offset printers in terms of image quality and offer high productivity, with the added feature of allowing one to print in clear or white. Value is added, without compromising performances and profits.

The latest VCSEL technology combined with new toner and advanced image control technology ensure offset like quality for professional results, with a best-in-class resolution of 1,200 x 4800 dpi.

While, the 5th colour station - clear gloss and white toner - provide more value added applications such as spot gloss, flood, and watermarks along with printing on coloured and clear media. Ideal for high-end work and greater impact on a wide range of jobs including annual reports, books, catalogues, postcards, direct mail, business and invitation cards, posters, packaging and window clings etc.

RICOH Pro C7100X series run at up to 80 pages per minute and Pro C7110X series at up to 90ppm in colour and B/W on thick stock up to 360gsm.

It also has a standard finisher & booklet finisher. An optional Paper Decurl Unit uses two paths to deal with concavity and convexity curls. It prevents the common problem of curling paper in colour especially when printing with high toner coverage, thin paper and paper with long grain.

Short-run book printing is one of the segments that has opened up, broader than ever, after the advent of digital printing. “When we started our business in 2000 there were little that we knew about what digital printing could do in the market. Today, we have a feeling that what else digital presses couldn’t do,” remarks R Babu, founder, Netways Prints. All these possibilities that digital presses brought to Netways Prints was through RICOH. “Of course, RICOH machines have opened up every possible aspect we have garnered in our business till date,” says R Babu. \

Though Netways Prints started their business with mere adoptions of a couple of entry-level digital printing machines. Today, the production facility of the company is fully equipped with four high-end RICOH production machines, namely, RICOH 907, RICOH 651, RICOH 8100 and RICOH 5100. “We have been working for a number of different clients in varied industrial and market segments; but our main forte in this is the book publishers, for them we provide short-run productions,” mentions R Babu.

The next machine, according to R Babu, in their RICOH-dominated infrastructure will be just another RICOH production system they are planning to adopt sooner than later.

The second edition of Yes Bank Kumaon Literary Festival will be organised from October 11-15, 2016. It is a flagship initiative of NHP Centre and an annual international “retreat” and “travelling” literature festival of the country. Last year’s first edition of the success which started at Dhanachuli and culminated at Nainital was seen as an unprecedented success.

This year’s festival is scheduled to be held at two different locations which include the Jim’s Jungle Retreat in Jim Corbett National Park and Te Aroha Dhanachuli. The festival is part of a larger vision to develop Dhanachuli into a model cultural village. The festival shall play host to many famous names from the world of literature, publishing, cinema and politics.